While Canada’s East Coast is perhaps best known for exporting artists of the fiddle and folk variety, Halifax’s The Blue Lane is definitive proof that jazz is alive and well in the region. Rather than conforming to the traditional notion of jazz, The Blue Lane intertwines its songs with a unique amalgam of rockabilly, blues, indie, and pop music, resulting in a sound that is both forward-thinking and refreshing. ”

Canadian Musician Magazine

In their typical fashion, it’s a fusion of a few genres, ranging from the blues rock that features prominently in the song’s guitar solo, to The Dandy Warhols-like matter-of-fact delivery of the lyrics.” - Alex Cook

The East

   The Blue Lane is a band from Nova Scotia, Canada. Blending jazz and blues with a rockabilly edge, the group can be compared to sounds like The Stray Cats, Django Reinhardt, and The Devil Makes Three. The members are bassist and lead vocalist Rachael Henderson, guitarist and vocalist Morgan Cruickshank, and drummer Serkan Süer.