While Canada’s East Coast is perhaps best known for exporting artists of the fiddle and folk variety, Halifax’s The Blue Lane is definitive proof that jazz is alive and well in the region. Rather than conforming to the traditional notion of jazz, The Blue Lane intertwines its songs with a unique amalgam of rockabilly, blues, indie, and pop music, resulting in a sound that is both forward-thinking and refreshing. ”

Canadian Musician Magazine

In their typical fashion, it’s a fusion of a few genres, ranging from the blues rock that features prominently in the song’s guitar solo, to The Dandy Warhols-like matter-of-fact delivery of the lyrics.” - Alex Cook

The East

   The Blue Lane is out of this world. Envision an art rock experience with the heart of jazz and soul of the blues. Fusing contemporary music with an old school depth, The Blue Lane creates timeless original music with steady grooves, a wash of harmonies, and virtuosic guitar. Fronted by two entertaining characters, The Blue Lane's chemistry ignites the stage.  

   The Blue Lane’s new concept album "Skyland Saga | Part One: Vision” is available now on all streaming platforms. In 2019, The Blue Lane’s official release of the album was done in conjunction with the grand opening of the new Canadian Mental Health Association building in Truro, Nova Scotia. 
   In 2018, The Blue Lane released a full length double concept album “Blue Land (Solar/Lunar).” The album was nominated for Music Nova Scotia's 2018 "Jazz Recording of the Year. “The jazz-inspired instrumental of the songs combined with the folk-style lyrics make for a truly unique combination…,”(Maggie McLean - The East Mag, Sept 24, 2018). The Blue Lane was nominated for best jazz band of Halifax in The Coast’s 2018 Best of Halifax. 

  In 2017, The Blue Lane released their EP “Blind.” The five song EP was awarded Music Nova Scotia’s Jazz Recording of the Year. The title track “Blind” is featured in the film “Every 21 Seconds” (Directed by Kuba Luczkiewicz) along with The Blue Lane’s debut single “I’ll See You When.”